Crescent Streetscape Upgrade

Map of proposed Crescent Streetscape upgrades, showing construction of walls and fencing around the Crescent park, site of 'play element' within grassed area and pedestrian crossing across The Crescent.

Open, beautiful spaces, especially in city centres gives workers and visitors an open space to eat lunch, socialise and relax within the hustle and bustle of the City.

Council has given the international monument near Fairfield Rail Station a facelift creating an oasis for workers and visitors while also giving a good impression of our City for rail passengers arriving at Fairfield Station or passing through.

Upgrade works include new flagpoles, the addition of a universally accessible footpath and taxi stand, plus new seating, paving and surrounding landscape.

Furthermore, a conservation treatment was conducted to restore the Stimson Memorial Drinking Fountain to its original condition. The fountain has been relocated to its primary location with planning now underway to re-install the Clock Tower within the next 12 months.

Council’s Crescent Streetscape Upgrade will boost the visual quality of the area, help shape the pride the community takes in their area while maintaining a welcoming, safe environment.


The Crescent Reserve, Fairfield 2165  View Map

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