LEPs and Maps

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide land use and development by zoning land, identifying what land uses are allowed in each zone, and specifying development standards such as maximum height and minimum lot sizes. LEPs are the main planning tool to shape the future of development in Fairfield City.

There are two LEPs which apply to Fairfield City:

Copies of both Fairfield Environmental Plans and associated maps are available on the NSW Legislation website.

Mapping associated with the Fairfeild LEP 2013 (City wide except for Bonnyrigg Town Centre) can be viewed below:
FLEP 2013 Maps

Mapping associated with the Fairfield LEP 1994 (Bonnyrigg Town Centre) can be viewed below: 
FLEP 1994 Map

You can also search for planning controls and mapping that applies to your property via the 
NSW Planning Portal