Join the fight to upgrade Fairfield Hospital

Portrait of mayor Frank Carbone

A message from Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone  

Fairfield Hospital was built 32 years ago and since then there has never been a major upgrade, while other hospitals are receiving billions of dollars of upgrades.

Our region is growing, we are close to the new Western Sydney airport and our local hospital must be able to cater for the health needs of people in this area.

We have a diverse and unique population, and we deserve better care.

We demand that the State Government urgently upgrade facilities at Fairfield Hospital. And we want to know what the State Government’s plans are for the future of the hospital.

Please join me in signing this petition. You can sign the petition below. 

Comparison of funding allocated to other hospitals

The State Government has committed BILLIONS of dollars for the upgrade of other hospitals which has led to the neglect of Fairfield Hospital. Fairfield Hospital has not received a fair share of funding. 

Pictorial graph describing the State Government’s monetary commitment to each hospital. The data is described in the table below.

Hospital State Government commitment
Liverpool Hospital $1.4 billion
Bankstown-Lidcombe $1.3 billion 
Blacktown $700 million
Ryde $479 million
Bowral $50 million
Fairfield  $7 million


What can we do?

Sign our petition and have your say 

We the people of Fairfield demand an upgrade and fair investment in Fairfield Hospital and an investment in services to meet the health needs of our community. We the community of Fairfield request that the State Government tell us what their plans are for the future of Fairfield Hospital and commitment to the hospital remaining as a vital service for Western Sydney. 

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Fairfield Hospital does not have the health services you would expect from a major city hospital

Fairfield Hospital no cancer treatments.png No cancer treatments   Fairfield hospital no heart health specialists.png No heart health specialists 

Fairfield petition no diabetes specialists.png No diabetes specialists Fairfield Hospital no specialist treatment for chronic health conditions.png No specialist treatment for chronic health conditions

Fairfield Hospital no MRI.png No MRI                            Fairfield Hospital no electronic medical records.png No electronic medical records 

Limited maternity services

Fairfield hospital no epidural available.pngNo epidural available     Fairfield Hospital no blood transfusions for maternity patients.pngNo blood transfusions for maternity patients