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With two major business and retail centres at Fairfield and Cabramatta, growing centres in Prairiewood and Bonnyrigg and many neighbourhood retail centres, our City offers excellent shopping and eating opportunities.

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For further information and assistance in relation to business and investment, please contact Council's Senior Policy Advisor - Economic Development on phone 9725 0222.

Fairfield City Economic Development Strategy

Fairfield City Economic Development Strategy 2019 has been developed within the context of international best-practice and is consistent with the various federal, state and regional development plans that affect our area.

                        Infographic of quick facts about Fairfield, titled ‘Snapshot of Fairfield’. The data will be described below from left to right.


Snapshot for Fairfield City

  • Land mass: 106,160 hectare or 102 kilometres squared 
  • 27 suburbs 
  • Largest industry
  • Gross regional product: $8.26 billion
  • Local businesses: 15,756
  • Population: 209,107
  • Local jobs: 75,666 
  • Employed residents: 83,739
  • Diversity: 71% speak a language other than English when at home
  • Nights stayed by international visitors: 690,000


“Fairfield City LGA is a vibrant business community in which a diverse range of businesses share a commitment to innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Fairfield City is recognised as a place where business outcomes align with community needs and Council, governments and businesses work together to attract investment and facilitate new opportunities.”