Your new green bin service starts in June

Published on 15 February 2024

FOGO green bin is coming to fairfield city.png

I’m excited to announce that Fairfield City households will soon receive a new green bin and handy kitchen caddy for all garden waste and food scraps.


What you get

  • A new 240L green bin for grass, branches and food scraps to be collected fortnightly
  • A small kitchen caddy to collect your food scraps to put in the green bin
  • Certified compostable liners for your kitchen caddy (these are the ONLY liners that can go in the green bin)

What you keep

  • Your red bin will stay the same size and will still be collected weekly (unlike other councils who have reduced the size and frequency)
  • Your yellow recycling bin will stay the same size and will still be collected fortnightly (alternating with your green bin fortnightly collection)

How much will it cost?

Council’s domestic waste levy will be frozen so you won’t have to pay any extra $$$


Houses, including duplexes and townhouses will receive their green bin and caddy during April and May, with collections starting in June.

The green bin is truly an additional service – your red and yellow bin services stay the same, same collection frequency and bin size. From June, the red bin will continue to be collected weekly and the new green bin will be collected fortnightly, alternating with your fortnightly recycling bin collection.

The new green bin is for garden waste (grass clippings and branches) and food waste – no plastic bags, glass or cardboard is accepted in the green bin.

Unlike other councils that have introduced this service, we will NOT reduce the size nor collection frequency of your red bin because we understand that different households have different waste disposal needs.

The other good news is that we have frozen the waste charge component that you pay with your rates. We can do this because recycling green waste is cheaper than sending it to landfill and paying hefty State Government levies.

Fairfield City already has some of the lowest waste charges in Sydney and if you can sort your waste correctly, it will help us to keep the waste charge low.

I look forward to seeing how much green waste Fairfield City can divert to compost away from landfill.

Council is also working on a way to provide the green bin service to unit blocks.

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