Mayor and Councillors

Fairfield City Council comprises 12 Councillors, a popularly elected Mayor and about 1,000 staff. The Councillors and Mayor were elected in September 2016 for a four-year term.

Meet The Mayor

Meet The Councillors by Ward

The Councillors of Fairfield City work towards the vision for the City and they review and refine their objectives annually. In addition to their role as members of the City's governing body (the elected Council), the Councillors are community advocates.

This advocacy is based upon the enormous amount of time each spends listening to the views of the community and the City's objectives and programs reflect these efforts.

Our Councillors are a vital link between you and the Council and we encourage you to contact them with your ideas, feedback and any issues of concern.

Please address all mail enquiries for Councillors to:

C/- Fairfield City Council
PO Box 21
Fairfield 1860


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