Cabramatta Place


The Cabramatta Place Area is within the Fairfield Local Government Area (LGA) located in the north west sector of the LGA.

The Cabramatta Place Area incorporates the suburbs of Cabramatta, Canley Heights, Canley Vale, and Lansvale. Cabramatta Place is promoted through the postcode #2166 campaign that aims to showcase a vibrant area as a tourist destination in South West Sydney. 

The major retail locations in Cabramatta Place Area are:


 Cabramatta Lunar New Year 2022 festivities collage

Cabramatta is less than an hour from Sydney and is not just a place to visit – it is a place to discover.

With a tempting array of restaurants, food stalls, supermarkets and specialty stores, Cabramatta is a bustling marketplace capturing the vitality and diversity of South-East Asia.

Choose from a wide range of Asian foods, herbs and spices, fresh seafood, meat and vegetables, quality fabrics, clothing, jewellery, electrical goods, herbal medicine, and professional services. You will always find someone eager to explain how to use Asian produce in your cooking, assist your business to prosper, improve your health, or find that hard-to-find gift.

Among more than 100 fresh food cafes and restaurants are the authentic cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Laos and Cambodia, plus several Chinese styles and an excellent choice of vegetarian eateries influenced by the Buddhist communities in the area. 

Don’t miss Sydney’s brightest Asian festival, Cabramatta Moon Festival, held about September, and Cabramatta Lunar New Year, celebrated yearly in late January to early February.  

Canley Vale

Photo collage of different areas in Canley Vale

Canley Vale Town Centre offers great shopping and a variety of dining options with accessible parking. The Canley Vale train station and commuter car park allows easy access to the town centre.

Canley Vale is known for its heritage (including Westacott Cottage), natural environment along the Prospect creek, connected off-road cycle ways, and recreational areas.

Canley Heights

Photo collage of different areas in Canley Heights

Canley Heights Town Centre is located on Canley Vale Road and is easily accessible to the Cumberland Highway.

Canley Heights town centre is known as a night time foodie destination with a wide variety of cuisines offered. The Canley Heights Town Square is the centre and location of many public gatherings held by the Canley Heights Business Committee and community groups.

The Canley Heights Community Centre offers meeting rooms, use of hall for workshops and classes, and can be booked through Fairfield City Council. 


Photo collage of different areas in Lansvale

Lansvale extends from the Lansdowne Bridge (built during 1834-1836) and continues along the Hume Highway towards Cabramatta Creek.

Lansvale is well known for a variety of industrial units, wholesalers, bulky goods, and motor and vehicle services. The surrounding residential area extends to the Chipping Norton Lake recreation areas with sportsgrounds, playing fields, and public jetty.  

Cabramatta Place Demographics at a Glance

If our community was 100 people...


Cabramatta place at a glance - infographic 1      Cabramatta place at a glance - infographic 2

Cabramatta place at a glance - infographic 3     Fairfield Place Infographic 4  

If Cabramatta Place's Community was 100 people:

  • 60 people would be born overseas: 31 would be born in Vietnam, 7 in Cambodia and 3 in China
  • 79 people would speak a language other than English at home: 39 would speak Vietnamese, 11 would speak Cantonese and 7 would speak Khmer
  • 6 people would be under the age of 5, 34 people would be aged 5 to 24, 16 people would be aged 60 to 84 and 2 people would be over 85
  • 9 people would have arrived in Australia in the last 5 years
  • 10 people would have a degree, 65 people would have no formal qualification and 8 people would be attending university or TAFE
  • 9 people would need assistance in their daily lives due to disability
  • 28 people would have no internet connection at home
  • 29 people would own their own home, 25 would have a mortgage and 39 would be renting
  • 38 people would live in a two parent family, 21 people would live in a one parent family and 16 people would live on their own
  • 38 people would live and work locally in Fairfield City
  • 87 people would be working, 13 people would be looking for work
  • 25 people would live in a household with less than $650 a week
  • 23 people would provide unpaid childcare, 11 people would provide unpaid care to a person with a disability
  • 56 people would live in a detached dwelling, 25 people would live in medium density housing and 17 people would live in high density housing