Fairfield Heights

Photo collage of Fairfield Heights Town Centre

The Fairfield Heights Town Centre is located upon the traditional lands of the Cabrogal people.

The Fairfield Heights Centre is a local centre within the Fairfield Local Government Area (LGA). The Centre is primarily focused along The Boulevarde, between Polding Street to the north and Beemera Street to the south. The Boulevarde intersects with Bodalla Street, Stanbrook Street, Karabar Street, Kihilla Street, Beemera Street and Station Street within the local centre area.

There are a number of retail and commercial services provided consistent with its role as a local centre. Fairfield Heights Town Centre has experienced economic decline over recent years, evidenced by shop vacancies and the transition in businesses including the closure of long standing local enterprises that also include bank branches. While the decline has impacts on the overall desirability of the centre as a destination for local shopping and community activity, there is also evidence of investment (e.g. new Woolworths supermarket), new business types (higher and ‘hipster’ café) and the ongoing presence of the Commonwealth Bank branch.

Purpose of this Study

Fairfield City Council (Council) has engaged TPG Town Planning and Urban Design (lead consultant), LFA Pacific (Urban Design) and AECgroup (Market and Economic Feasibility), to prepare an urban design study for Fairfield Heights Town Centre.

The Study has been undertaken according to the principles set out in the NSW Government’s South West District Plan. In summary, it takes a design-led planning approach that requires urban design that focuses on people in order to create great places to meet, work, exercise and socialise. This requires a holistic focus that includes: the streets, the neighbourhoods, the centres and suburbs that will be real, attractive places and provide a great liveable community for new and existing residents.