Business, Retail and Industry

The Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial Estate

The Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial Estate is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and makes a major contribution to the New South Wales and Australian economies.

It is strategically connected to national and international transport networks including the M4 and M7 motorways, the new Western Sydney Airport and nearby intermodal terminal.

The industrial area is home to nearly 3,000 businesses and 20,000 jobs. The sector shows great potential to increase its exporting capabilities and international trade opportunities.

Existing and well-established industry clusters and supply chains are optimally positioned to meet the needs of businesses in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and beyond.

Retail Centres

Fairfield City Centre

Fairfield is recognised as a sub-regional centre and includes a large variety of retail and commercial activities. It contains major shopping complexes and main street retail, which combined provide more than 160 specialty shops. 

Included in this are major grocery stores, major name supermarkets and department stores. Fairfield is a gem in Sydney’s west offering a range of international shopping opportunities, a robust service industry and a healthy cultural life.

Fairfield’s heritage train station, the oldest in Western Sydney, is wheelchair accessible and serves as the town’s front door. Taxis and buses also service Fairfield and parking is readily available, making it an easily accessible and well-serviced city centre.

Fairfield City Centre also provides a significant support service industry including a strong presence of medical, financial and legal organisations.

The City Centre is experiencing significant development. Council has approved multi-storey developments comprising of several hundred units and more developments are under consideration.

Cabramatta Town Centre

Cabramatta is less than an hour from Central Sydney and is Australia’s most multicultural suburb.

Being the most densely populated suburb in Fairfield City, businesses have reaped the rewards of the hustle and bustle of people in the Town Centre every day of the year. The area boasts many restaurants and serves as a marketplace for authentic Asian restaurants right across Sydney.

Cabramatta boasts more than 60 eateries, offering authentic cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The earlier European influence on Cabramatta lives on in delicatessens, which offer a great diversity of European small goods and delicacies.

Competitive shopping has always been a major attraction of Cabramatta. It is renowned for its excellent fabric shops, tailors, footwear, watches and jewellery, electronics and homewares. 

Cabramatta is a popular tourist destination and enjoys many community and cultural celebrations throughout the year.

Bonnyrigg Town Centre

Bonnyrigg is a place of contrast and culture.

Easy to reach by road and bus, the well-serviced Bonnyrigg Town Centre is surrounded by temples and parkland. Bonnyrigg has a successful retail mix that includes Bonnyrigg Plaza, along with a range of commercial operations on Bonnyrigg Avenue and Smithfield Road.

Immediately opposite Bonnyrigg Plaza is the Transitway, providing excellent and fast bus transport from Parramatta to Liverpool. The Plaza itself boasts easy parking, travel agents, a delicatessen and Post Office, as well as larger big name stores. The area is also well serviced by community facilities.

With such a diversity of uses, Bonnyrigg is an inviting Town Centre for business, providing ample facilities for employees as well as excellent public transport. Bonnyrigg Town Centre is undergoing some exciting changes and expansion. New spaces will be available in the near future for commercial and retail use. Bonnyrigg’s mix of convenience and culture makes it an attractive investment option.

Bonnyrigg has extremely successful commercial and religious cultural resources including some of Sydney’s most significant clubs and religious venues.

Other Retail Centres

There are a number of other smaller and attractive retail centres in Fairfield City including:

  • Canley Vale,
  • Canley Heights,
  • Fairfield Heights, and
  • Smithfield. 

Fairfield City’s Town Centres are dynamic and unique and are attractive options when considering investment. They offer opportunities and choices.  

Support Industries

An enormous range of businesses operate within Fairfield City.

Many of your business requirements, whether they are for a product or for a service, can be found in the local area. This means less time is required to find what you need and less travel time to buy your goods and services. This is a significant advantage for business.

The range includes:


  • Manufacturing 
  • Food Processing 
  • Paper Products and Fibre Packaging 
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Plastics 
  • Plastics and Rubber 
  • Wood products, Furniture and Bedding 
  • Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Fibreglass and Gypsum Building Products 
  • Basic metals 
  • Metal Fabrication and Finishing 
  • Industrial, Mining, Materials Handling and Transport Equipment 
  • General Engineering 
  • Electrical and Electronic equipment 


  • Transport and Storage 
  • Packaging/Waste Management 
  • Technical Engineering 
  • Information Technology 
  • Security 
  • Plant Hire/Maintenance 

Wholesale and Distribution

  • Food Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Building Products and Furniture
  • Metals
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Stationery and Paper


Fairfield City Council understands the benefits of attracting film and television productions - large and small - and aims to provide a welcoming environment.

Individuals and organisations interested in filming here should download the Filming Application Form(PDF, 280KB) and review the guidelines included in the document. Submit the form to For more information contact our Communications Division on (02) 9725 0222.

As it takes time to assess the proposals, Council is grateful for as much lead-time as possible.

For more information on filming within Council areas please refer to:

Please contact Communications and Marketing on 9725 0222 for more information. 

Street Trading

Street trading is an illegal activity. For serious breaches or repeat offenders, fines can and will be issued under the Local Government Act.

Council Officers patrol commercial centres to assist with the efficient and safe function of local and town centres and will act where street trading is found in operation.

Illegal or unauthorised street trading activity can range from sellers of counterfeit DVDs to vegetables and cooked food.

Street trading is an unfair practice as it impacts on legitimate businesses that are operating in accordance with relevant legislation. Council must offer these businesses a degree of protection against illegal trading.

Council Officers use education of illegal street traders as the preferred method of dealing with unauthorised activity.