Did you know?

Australia has a lot of waterways and a strong swimming culture which has led to an increase of drowning incidents in the past few years in Australia.

Test your knowledge on drowning.


Learn to swim

Increase your swimming capacity with us!

  Group of people doing exercise in swimming pool

There are 3 Fairfield City Leisure Centres with a range of facilities that include 2 outdoor heated 50 meter pools, 3 heated 20-25 meter indoor pools.

We have swimming programs for all ages: from 6-month-old to adults.

For 'Learn to swim' programs dates, pricing and details click here.


First Lap learn to swim voucher

First Lap Voucher banner from NSW government - Claim your $100 voucher now

Parents, guardians and carers of children aged 3-6 years old who are not enrolled in school, can apply for a $100 voucher towards the cost of swimming lessons with any participating swimming provider.

Your child must be:

  • a resident of NSW
  • aged between 3 and 6 years and not enrolled in school
  • listed on a valid Australian Medicare card.




Fun, affordable and suitable for all ages! Fairfield City's own water park with splashy rides, shelters and barbeque facilities. 

Aquatopia is open from the start of the September school holidays until the end of the April school holidays. 

Click here to book your tickets online. 

Contact 02 9725 0337 for any enquiries.


Swimming pool registrations

All private swimming pools must be registered through the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

All properties sold must also have a certificate of compliance following an inspection.

For more information please visit the Swimming Pool page in the Building and Planning section of this site.