Garbage Bin Collection

Garbage collection trucks emptying rubbish from bin with red lid

Household Garbage Bin Collection

Every household in the Fairfield City Council area is provided with a dark green garbage bin with either a green or red lid. Some unit blocks may share large green bins which are stored in your bin room.

Your garbage bins are collected each week on the same day. Some unit blocks may have more than one collection per week.

To find out which day your garbage bin is collected follow the link below or contact Council on 9725 0222.


How to use your Garbage Bin

  • Put the bin out on the kerbside the night before your collection day.
  • Keep the bin clear of obstructions such as parked cars, trees and signposts. 
  • Ensure the lid is closed and opens facing the road.
  • Do not overfill your bin or place waste next to your bin as it will not be collected.
  • Leave a one metre gap between all bins.
  • Put your bin away as soon as possible after it has been emptied to avoid theft and vandalism.

Does it go in the Garbage Bin?

Some household waste can be recycled and does not belong in the garbage bin. Other items, such as hazardous waste, shouldn't be put in your garbage bin or your recycling bin.

Follow the link below to see how you can dispose of your common household items (Includes information in Arabic, Assyrian, Chinese, Khmer, Vietnamese and an A-Z Recycling Waste guide):


Broken or stolen bins?

If your garbage bin is broken or stolen please click on the link below or call Council on 9725 0222. You will need to tell the Customer Service Officer your address.

If the bin is broken you will be asked to identify which part of the bin requires repair, i.e. lid, wheels or bin body.


Frequently Asked Questions

What bins should I have at my property?

Houses have two bins – a garbage bin with a red or green lid and a recycling bin with a yellow lid. Apartment buildings have multiple garbage and recycling bins which are shared by all units.

What can I put in my bins?

Please visit the Garbage and Recycling pages for more information about what can go in each bin. 

When are my bins collected?

You can call Council on 9725 0222 to request a Recycling Calendar. Put your bins out the night before your collection day.

My bin has been lost, stolen or damaged. What should I do?

Call Council on 9725 0222 and we will organise to repair or replace your bin.

I have too much rubbish to fit in my bins. Can I get extra bins?

Yes, however this will attract an additional charge. For more information, call Council on 9725 0222. Additional recycling can be taken to Council’s Recycling Drop Off Centre on the corner of Davis and Widemere roads, Wetherill Park free of charge on Saturdays from 8am-4pm.

Can I put extra items out for collection in bags or boxes?

No. All items for collection must fit into your bins and the lid must close.

Why wasn't my bin emptied?

  • You may have put the bin out too late
  • You may have placed the wrong bin out
  • The bin may be too heavy or overfilled
  • The bin may have incorrect items inside
  • The driver may not have seen the bin due to an obstruction
  • The truck may not have visited your street yet

For more information, call Council on 9725 0222.

Should I take my bins with me when I move?

No. They must remain at the property.

What should I do with my bins when my property is under construction?

Call Council on 9725 0222 to arrange for your bins to be temporarily removed and returned once construction has been completed