Green bin FOGO is go!

Published on 06 June 2024

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I’m excited that our fortnightly green bin collection service started this week. This service is good for the environment and helps keep our waste charges low, by keeping tons of waste from going to expensive landfill.

Some of you may have already had your bin collected, but if you haven’t it will be collected sometime in the next week.

To find out exactly what day your green bin will be collected check the waste calendar that came in your kitchen caddy when your green bin was delivered or click on ‘Find my Bin Collection Day’ on the homepage of our website:

Your red bin and yellow bin will continue to be collected on the same days as they have always been. One week will be your red and yellow bin and the alternate week it is your red and green bin that you put out to be collected.

Please remember to remove your kitchen caddy tied to your bin before collection day and leave the caddy in your kitchen. Put your food scraps in the kitchen caddy, before emptying the caddy’s contents into your kerbside green bin. The kitchen caddy can then be washed and put back into your kitchen.

All your garden waste can also go in the bin. The service is called FOGO, which means Food Organics, Garden Organics.

The most important thing is to do the right thing and use the right bin. If you use the right bin and put all your food scraps and garden waste into the green bin you will help to keep our waste charges some of the lowest in Sydney. Especially important is to put plastic bags in your red bin. Only the compostable liners we supplied for your kitchen caddy can go in the green bin.

Using the bins incorrectly will cost more money and put pressure on our low waste charge. It’s up to all of us to do the right thing for the benefit of all.

Head to our easy A-Z waste sorting guide: A-Z Waste Sorting Guide Fairfield City Council ( for information on what is accepted in each bin.

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