The green bins help keep our waste charge low

Published on 25 April 2024

mayor frank carbone fairfield city council new green FOGO bin.jpg

I’m pleased to announce that we are on track to deliver your new green bin service. By the end of May, all single unit dwellings, such as houses, duplexes, and townhouses should have their green bin, kitchen caddy and information pack.

The green bin is for all your garden waste and food scraps and collections start from 3 June 2024.

I encourage you to place your garden waste and food scraps in the green bin because then it will be recycled into quality compost for use in farms, parks and gardens instead of going to landfill. Importantly, this means we pay much less to the State Government in landfill taxes.

We pass landfill tax savings on to households, so I strongly encourage everyone to sort your waste and help us keep our waste charge one of the lowest in Sydney.

Less waste going to landfill is also better for the environment.

Remember, your new green bin will be collected for the first time in early June – please check your waste calendar delivered with the bin or check online at for the collection day in your street.

Your weekly red and fortnightly yellow bin services will remain the same size and collected on the same day of the week they are now.

Please start using your green bin two weeks before your first collection day in June.

Let's work together and do the right thing, use the right bin.

Visit for more details.

Multi-unit dwellings, such as apartments, units, and flats, will be part of our stage 2 roll-out with the timing of this roll-out to be confirmed.

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