Fairfield Showground Engraved Pavers

Pave your way into history books

Own a piece of the redeveloped Fairfield Showground!

Buy a paver that can be engraved with your family or business name as a lasting memento for our residents who have called Fairfield City ‘home’. This provides a unique opportunity to recognise our connections to the City.

The pavers cost $99 for a double paver (large) and $70 for a single paver (small), engraving costs included.

Closing date to order is 30 April 2024.

2024 Fairfield Showground Paver



If you want to plan out the letter placement of your paver, download the paver templates below. This is for testing purposes only. Once you are happy with the wording of your paver, click the booking button below to book your paver and enter the details in your booking.

Closing date to order is 30 April 2024.

 Single paver template.(PDF, 566KB)

 Double paver template.(PDF, 827KB)

Fairfield Showground Engraved Pavers - Terms and Conditions(PDF, 1MB)

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