Draft plan creates growth and investment opportunities

Published Friday, 27th October 2017

Fairfield City could become an accessible and connected gateway location featuring more green space, increased employment opportunities and more housing choice.
The Greater Sydney Commission's Western City District Plan indicates a possible East-West rail link which will connect Western Sydney Airport to Parramatta via Fairfield City.

Fairfield City could become an accessible and connected gateway location featuring more green space, increased employment opportunities and more housing choice.

That is the vision captured in the draft Western City District Plan which was released by the Greater Sydney Commission yesterday.

The 20 year plan focusses on the changing landscape around South West Sydney following the development of the new Western Sydney Airport which will be built at Badgerys Creek.

“The new aerotropolis will be a catalyst for the growth and development of South West Sydney,” said Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone. “This is good news for Fairfield City as there will be flow-on benefits for local jobs, more housing and infrastructure services.”

“Fairfield City is located in the heart of South West Sydney and Fairfield City Centre has been identified in the Plan as a ‘strategic centre’ for the District. With ongoing investment from new development and government support we could see more housing, improved infrastructure, more open space and up to 10,000 new jobs by 2036.”

The draft Plan identifies a potential new rail line connecting the new Western Sydney Airport with Parramatta. This has been identified for investigation in the next 10 years with a future railway station at Prairiewood along the route. Potential rapid bus transit and light rail links are also identified, as is a new freight line connecting Yennora to the new airport via Smithfield and Wetherill Park.

“Our community stands to benefit from our City being a gateway to the Western Sydney Airport,” said Mayor Carbone.

“The proposed rail connection from the airport to Parramatta and through our City could provide a great opportunity for our community, bringing jobs, economic growth and social benefits.

“New transport connections could also boost our local tourism opportunities as well as enabling more business and industry access.

“Our City is already an ideal visitor destination for great food, festivals and family fun. With an airport and improved transport connections, our City’s tourism sector and businesses can grow and thrive.”

“Council will continue to work to unlock the potential that these opportunities bring for our community.”

A further element of the new draft District Plan is the identification of the rural lands around Horsley Park as a Metropolitan Rural Area which will be investigated for potential urban development opportunities. This could include an extension of nearby business and industrial parks, or opening up the land for more housing to support our growing community.

“I am keen to hear feedback from Horsley Park residents on the future of their suburb and I look forward to speaking with them about options and ideas that could be incorporated into future plans,” said Mayor Carbone. 

“Fairfield City Council has been working closely with the Greater Sydney Commission to secure the planning outcomes in the draft plan which will deliver benefits for local residents and businesses. 

“However I am disappointed that local health and education precincts are not identified for our City, as they are in other areas. Fairfield Hospital and Wetherill Park TAFE are in clear need of upgrades to meet the growing demands of our increasing population. A university campus in our City would also be a major boost.

“Our community deserves a liveable City which encompasses an integrated plan for housing, jobs, open space, infrastructure and community services.”

“As a Council we will continue to push for all of these things to ensure the right facilities are provided to our community in a timely and appropriate way.”

The draft Western City District Plan is on public exhibition until 15 December 2017. The community is encouraged to visit www.greater.sydney to have their say.