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Hire a Sportsfield for the summer or winter seasons

Fairfield City Council provides 36 sportfields across the City, a significant asset and annual investment in sports and recreation for the community. Local schools rely upon the City’s sportfields for local students.

Two athletics fields at Makepeace Park in Fairfield and Rosford Park in Smithfield provide the City’s children and young people an opportunity to keep fit, develop skills and grow in their talents.

Hiring a sportsfield, whether use is disrupted by rain or not, is heavily subsidised to ensure:

  • Annual surface renovation and maintenance work: aeration, topdressing, weed spraying, fertilising and turfing (September to March)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of amenity buildings, car parks. watering systems and lighting
  • Scheduled grass cutting and line marking to ensure the best playing conditions.

Two sportsfields are located on sites with a dual recreation/stormwater detention basin: Stockdale Park, Abbotsbury and Bosnjak Park, Edensor Park.The sportsfields in these parks are subject to being affected by flooding in periods of high rainfall and more disruption.  Special consideration is given to hire fees with this dual use as sportfields.

Affordable rates

When you breakdown the seasonal hiring fees, the fees are very affordable.

For example, a club of 50 members hiring a sportsfield with all week access for 26 weeks:

Season fee of $1,500, being:

  • $58 weekly fee
  • $1.15 per member.

While rain unfortunately disrupts use and enjoyment of the City’s sportsfields, the rain doesn’t reduce the maintenance cost. In some cases, maintenance costs increase particularly when damage has been done to playing fields.

Rainy seasons disrupt the income stream for many clubs, particularly reduced takings from canteen sales. While the request for discounts due to adverse weather is understood, the significant subsidy by the community already offers value for money compared to the cost of providing facilities.

Council relies on the season fees to help offset the cost of maintaining sportfields and associated infrastructure.  

Do you want to hire a Sportsfield for the upcoming season?

You can do it online!

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have your insurance details with you.

You will need to upload a scanned copy of your Certificate of Currency with your application.

To submit your application, please follow the link below:




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