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2024 Gyms in Parks

Explore the pages below to discover more ways to stay active and healthy in Fairfield City.

Cycleway Networks and Paths

Fairfield City has approximately 90km of cycle ways and shared paths.

East/west routes:

  • Prospect Creek Shared Path 5km long, connects to the Holroyd City network and Fairfield Town Centre and is about 5km long.
  • Bay to Mountains (Orphan School Creek) Shared Path connects to Mirambeena Regional Park, Bankstown, and to Prospect Reservoir, Blacktown, and is about 20km long. A minor shared path comes off the Bay to Mountains network in King Park, Wakeley, and connects to Cowpasture Road via St Johns Park. This route is about 7km long.
  • Cabramatta Creek Shared Path.

North/south routes:

  • Rail Trail Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to Prospect Creek, the Bay to Mountains shared path network and the Cabramatta Creek shared path. It is 7.5km long.
  • T-Way Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to the Bay to Mountains and the St Johns Park shared path networks.
  • The Cowpasture Road Shared Path connects Elizabeth Drive to The Horsley Drive, which also links to the Bay to Mountains, St Johns Park and the T-Way networks. It is about 8km long.

Circuit paths are also located in some of Council’s local parks, including Brenan and Springfield Parks.

Download the Cycleways & Outdoor Fitness Equipment Locations Map(PDF, 3MB)

Cycling and Bike Groups

The Western Sydney Cycling Network (WSCN) promotes cycling for health, a bicycle recycling service to the community, and a social and healthy lifestyle. Council supports the WSCN by providing the clubhouse and bicycle recycling facility located at Fairfield Showground.

The shared goals of the WSCN and Council are health promotion, waste reduction and sustainable transport.

For up to date information on community rides and recycling centre open days visit the WSCN website.

Walking Groups

  • Horsley Park Walking Group
    When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am
    Where: Horsley Park Reserve
  • Stockland Walking Groups
    When: 8am, days vary 
  • Bossley Walkers
    When: Wednesdays at 9am
    Where: Meet outside Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, 110 Mimosa Road Bossley Park
  • Fairfield Seniors 50s and Over Heart Foundation Walking Group
    Walks for seniors 50+ group meets at the rear Fairfield Leisure Centre car park every Friday at 9.30am.
    Contact: Robert on 0422 933 612

Start your own walking group, contact the Heart Foundation on 1300 362 787.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor gym equipment is available at many of the parks in Fairfield City to improve your fitness for free. 

There are different types of fitness equipment in each park:

  • Static fitness equipment has no moving parts. Users can perform sit-ups, chin-ups and similar exercises
  • Dynamic fitness equipment has moving parts, engaging the user’s body weight to build strength.

Watch video clips on how to use our outdoor fitness equipment.

Download the Cycleways and Outdoor Fitness Equipment Locations Map(PDF, 9MB)

Gyms in Parks: Get fit for FREE with Council

Add variety to your exercise routine by joining Council’s free exercise program at one of our many outdoor fitness equipment locations.

Council runs free 6 week exercise programs throughout the year with qualified instructors teaching proper use of the outdoor fitness equipment. Classes are designed to develop confidence in ability at any fitness level through body weight exercises using park gym equipment.

Participants receive a FREE fitness assessment before and after the 6 week program.

For information on session dates and locations please call Council's Customer Service team on 9725 0222.

Commercial Operators: Fitness Classes and Boot Camps

Fairfield City Council supports exercise and activities to improve the fitness of the community, although it does not recommend or endorse any trainer or training methods and accepts no responsibility for the actions of trainers.

Community members are advised that when participating in commercially provided fitness training, they should ensure the operator is appropriately qualified and holds the recommended level of public liability insurance.

Where an instructor/group wishes to use Council hire facilities, an application for hire is required to be lodged (fee applies).

Similarly, if lighting or equipment is being erected in open spaces/reserves, the hire of the site must be secured.

Hire for commercial fitness training is subject to availability of grounds, which in Fairfield City are used heavily.

Further information is available by contacting Council’s Customer Service team on 9725 0222.

Food Safety

Council has entered into a Partnership Agreement with the NSW Food Authority.

As a result, the authority has appointed and delegated Council to undertake a range of responsibilities to administer the provisions of the Food Act. It has developed protocols to guide Council in the administration of its responsibilities under that partnership.  

Compliance and enforcement procedures are one part of those responsibilities. 

Compliance and Enforcement Policy(PDF, 78KB)

Nutrition Resources

There are many websites available that provide support, advice, personal coaching, exercise and recipe ideas that encourage healthy eating and keeping active. Below is a list of some that you may find useful and may be available in your preferred language.

  • Active and Healthy is a website that provides a range of physical activity programs and information on the benefits of physical activity for people aged 50 years and older. It gives you exercise ideas, recipes and a database to search for exercise programs near you.
  • Get Healthy is a free NSW Health service that can help provide you with the support and motivation you need to reach your own healthy lifestyle goals.
  • Go 4 Fun is a FREE 10 week healthy lifestyle program for kids aged 7-13 who are above a healthy weight. The program focuses on improving eating habits, fitness and confidence.
  • The Heart Foundation provides recipe ideas, information on how to read food labels and nutrition tips.

Breastfeeding-friendly Fairfield

Glass door of a public building with a sign saying breastfeeding welcome here

Breastfeeding in public isn’t easy. Fairfield City Council is building a physical and social environment which supports young families to have the healthiest start to life. This project is part of our systems approach to address childhood obesity, in which breastfeeding can provide protective factors against. We encourage families to follow the Australian Breastfeeding Associations information.

Council in partnership with South West Sydney Local Health District is working to improve the community's health. Breastfeeding is a focus area because South West Sydney has rates 15% lower than any other district in NSW of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age.

We are working with our facilities, Early Learning Centres, Human Resources, Assets teams and are happy to work with you too.

What can you do?

We would like to encourage safe spaces for breastfeeding by placing stickers across the City.

The 'Breastfeeding Welcome Here' sticker is a resource you can order to display at your business.

If you would like to order a sticker, please contact us on

Hepatitis Awareness

The most common Hepatitis viruses in Australia are Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV), which are blood-borne viruses that affect the liver.

Western Sydney, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts reported the highest rates of hepatitis B notification in NSW in 2018 (56, 52 and 43 per 100,000 respectively).

The good news is that hepatitis is treatable!

There is a safe and effective vaccine to protect you against hepatitis, as well as medication to help manage the condition.

Hepatitis C - New treatments are available to treat Hepatitis C, with a cure rate of greater than 90 per cent. Treatments can be prescribed by your general practitioner (GP) as well as a specialist.

Hepatitis B - There is a safe and effective vaccine to protect you against Hepatitis B. Medications to treat and manage Hepatitis B are also available via prescription from a hospital pharmacy or your local chemist.  

In Australia many HBV and HCV carriers are unaware they have the virus. The virus can be detected through a quick and easy blood test, available at your GP, Family Planning Clinics, Aboriginal Medical Services, and Sexual health clinics.

NSW Health are working to reduce HBV and HCV infections in NSW and improve the health outcomes of people living with hepatitis in NSW.

For more information or to speak confidentially with a trained professional, please contact the NSW Hepatitis Infoline on 1800 803 990.

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Healthspo is a free resource for young people and school communities looking for local information on physical, mental, sexual and nutritional health.

The program is made up of four components targeting different areas of developmental health; Fitsical, The Yarn, Food for Thought and What the Health.

Take me to Healthspo.