Young People


At Council, we define young people as those aged 12-24 years of age who live, work, study or play in Fairfield City. It’s important that we’re responsive to the needs of our young people and adaptive to changing times of rapid growth and new technologies. Download the 2021-2022 Strategy for Young People in Fairfield City(PDF, 21MB)

Together with communities, government and non-government agencies, we support young people through programs, partnerships, and creating opportunities for them to actively participate in community life.

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Fairfield City Mayor's Youth Achievement Awards, identifying young people that champion excellence in leadership, passion, commitment and enthusiasm from the Fairfield Local Government Area. 

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Youth Advisory Committee

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The Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) presents the views of Fairfield City’s Youth to Fairfield City Council and the wider community, ensuring that young people are given a voice at Local Government Level. 

“The YAC is supported to present the thoughts and opinions of young people to Fairfield City Council and advocate for local youth needs”.

YAC is also heavily involved in Council’s annual Youth Week program, including the Bring it On! Festival and other local events. 

To apply to become a member of the Fairfield YAC, you must be aged between 14-24 years and live in one of the 27 suburbs in the Fairfield Local Government Area

A new committee forms each year during May and June. The full terms is one year from July to June. 


What's involved

The experience of the YAC each year is very diverse and can depend on both what opportunities arise and what the current group of members are passionate about. The YAC can be described in four pillars:

  • Volunteering and Participation
  • Team Building
  • Leadership and Development
  • Voice for the Youth

At a minimum, YAC members attend committee meetings at Fairfield City Council Administration Building or other specified venues. Meetings are held monthly on a Wednesday evening from 6.00pm to 8.30pm.

Most months, YAC will have the opportunity to run a Spotlight Discussion: a group discussion on a monthly youth issue tackling a topic that is important to them. YAC will also have the opportunity to contribute to projects local organisations are creating or running for young people via consultations and focus groups.

Members are also involved in team building activities and community projects, and

form the steering committee for the Fairfield City Council Youth Week program. Members may also run their own small projects and events in working groups within the YAC. YAC also lead the Fairfield City Youth Facebook and @bringitonfest Instagram pages.

Members of the YAC will:

  • Receive training and develop skills in workshops and team building activities
  • Meet other people who are passionate about youth issues
  • Make sure Council is aware of local youth issues
  • Participate in team building activities
  • Work with Fairfield City Council to organise youth events such as the annual Bring It On! Festival.

What's happening for YAC in 2021-22

In 2021-22, the YAC will have the opportunity to work on (not limited to):

  • The Bring It On! Festival for Youth Week
  • Attending a Leadership Camp
  • Attending a 3 day NSW Youth Councils’ Conference in Goulburn
  • Volunteering at Cabramatta Moon Festival
  • Helping develop new events for young people at the Fairfield Museum and Gallery (TBC)

*Activities may change due to Covid or other unforeseen circumstances

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Youth Week

National Youth Week runs in April every year. It is Australia’s biggest celebration of youth (aged 12-25) and gives young people the opportunity to share ideas, raise issues, attend events and celebrate their contribution to the community.

We celebrate National Youth Week with our Bring It On! Festival, NSW’s biggest and best celebration of youth culture, talent, music and art. 

Local services work together with young people to run events across Fairfield City every April. A full calendar of events will be posted here before each Youth Week. 

Youth and Community Centres

Fairfield Youth and Community Centre - Vine St, Fairfield 

The Fairfield Youth and Community Centre is part of the Fairfield Park Precinct - which includes the Adventure Park, Obstacle Course and Fairfield Leisure Centre.

There is a free Open Day on the first Sunday of each month, from 11am-4pm.

Drop-in activities occur five nights a week:

  • Monday to Thursday 3pm-6pm drop-in program with Community First Step - 9727 4333
  • Friday 3pm-6pm drop-in for newly arrived young people with STARTTS - 9794 1900

The Fairfield Youth and Community Centre is available for bookings. Visit Fairfield City Leisure Centres or call 9754 2078 for more information.

Bonnyrigg Youth and Community Centre - Bonnyrigg Ave, Bonnyrigg

Bonnyrigg Youth Centre is part of the Bonnyrigg Town Centre precinct. A variety of programs for young people, job seekers, and vulnerable members of the community happen here, run by the Daystar Foundation 9753 1600.

Prairiewood Youth and Community Centre - Restwell Rd, Prairiewood

Prairiewood Youth and Community Centre is located opposite Stockland Wetherill Park. A variety of programs for young people are run here, including a Thursday night drop-in run by The Parks Community Network 9609 7400.

Bring it On! 2021 Workshops


Call all young creatives - the Bring It On! LEGACY program is a series of workshops in creative skills FREE to anyone aged 14-24 living in the Fairfield City Council area

There are workshops in Slam Poetry, Photography and Live Broadcasting available across 4 weeks start 16 March. You'll also get a chance to put your skills into practice by participating in the Bring It On! Festival 2021 program during Youth Week in April. 

To join - you must register via Eventbrite. Please following the links below to register and find more details about each workshop: 

Slam Poetry (Tuesdays at Bonnyrigg Youth Centre)

Photography & Editing (Wednesdays at Fairfield Youth & Community Centre)

Live Broadcast Essentials (Thursdays at Prairiewood Youth & Community Centre)

Bring it On! Festival and Council Youth Events


Bring It On! is one of Sydney’s biggest Youth Week events, attracting thousands of young people aged 12-24 years to Fairfield Showground. The day celebrates youth culture through music and dance performances, street art, giant games and sporting activities, along with informative and exciting community stalls focused on youth wellbeing.

If you would like to be added to a mailing list to find out more about youth events and programs coming up at Council, please email and ask to be added to the Youth Opportunities list.

Visit the Bring It On! Festival Home Page for more information & photos:

Bring It On! Festival Home Page

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Healthspo is a free resource for young people and school communities looking for local information on physical, mental, sexual and nutritional health.

The program is made up of four components targeting different areas of developmental health; Fitsical, The Yarn, Food for Thought and What the Health.


Get Fitsical with physical health and wellbeing tips that focus on injury prevention, education, at home workout basics, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength and mobility, stretching, and accessible training tips for all levels of mobility and ability.



Have a Yarn with local health professionals around mental, sexual, physical and nutritional health. The conversations include:

  • Mental – How to best manage stress and anxiety at work, school or university
  • Sexual – What are STIs and how to manage a healthy sex life
  • Physical – How to measure carbon monoxide levels from smoking
  • Nutritional – How much sugar is in the beverages we consume daily






Cook up a storm with Chef Helen from My Kitchen Rules! Chef Helen shows us how to make healthy and cheap alternatives for breakfast and lunch. Food that will keep you sharp for exams, work or studies, takes less than 15 minutes to make, and costs less than $7 per meal.
*Chefs Kiss*



What the Health is happening right now. Check out these lifestyle advice posters from your local health services. From eating healthy to smart sexual health you will be linked to the service that’s right for you. Save the posters, share them on social media or print them to hang in your offices or classrooms.

Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_drink water.jpg  Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_eat better not less.jpg

Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_empty cup.jpg  Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_human body.jpg

Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_my brain tabs.jpg  Healthspo - A3 Poster - what the health_STI.jpg



Give us your feedback for your chance to win prizes!
Up for grabs are a Fitbit Versa Lite and $100 Rebel Gift Voucher.




The F.A.I.R.S crew represent the diversity of young people in the Fairfield City community. Their hobbies, habits and personal lives capture the different characteristics that can be found around the corner of every Fairfield City block, school and workplace.

The characters are you, your family, neighbours and friends. They like the things you like, they live the way you live. They know you and all your experiences as a young person in Fairfield City.

When you see them in our media and our socials just know that a young person like yourself from Fairfield City was responsible for creating the incredible Healthspo projects you see before you!

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