Multiculturalism and Diversity

A tradition of refugees and migrants

Fairfield City is one of the most multicultural cities in Australia; more than half the residents were born overseas and over 70 per cent speak a language other than English at home (2016 census).

It is a vibrant place to live, work and play. It’s a community of many cultures and people with a rich history of cultural traditions.

Recognising where we have come from, our heritage and the journey we have travelled to Australia, is important in shaping our identity.

Fairfield City is a testament to celebrating diversity. We have ‘all the world’ in one place, we show an appreciation of different cultures and different communities, and we all live side by side as Australians under the Australian national flag. Our City is a place where we can celebrate diversity, yet we have combined to live Australian values which include respecting each other’s heritage and culture and the freedom to allow cultural expression.