Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Improving community safety and reducing crime is a Fairfield City Council priority. 

Fairfield City Council continually develops projects that address the needs and concerns of local residents. Central to the development and delivery of these projects are the strong partnerships with community, Police, business owners, government and non-government service providers. 

Community Safety and Crime Prevention in Local Government fact sheet

Based on the role that local government can play in crime prevention, Fairfield City Council created its Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.

The key Priority Areas of the 2013 - 2017 Fairfield Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan are:

  1. Understanding the Law – Increasing community awareness of laws, legal process and the reporting of crime
  2. Feeling Safe in Fairfield - promotion, education and awareness raising of safety at home and in public spaces
  3. Supporting victims - reducing offending and preventing domestic and family violence and all other forms of violence in our community
  4. Promoting respectful relationships
  5. Safety and Wellbeing – community partnerships

Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan 2013-2017