Dog Off-Leash Areas

Fairfield City offers residents four dog off-leash areas.

The dog of-leash area at Canley Vale. The dog off-leash areaat Kings Park in Wakeley.

 The dog off-leash area at Wilson Park in Bonnyrigg Heights. Dog park

The maps above show the dog off-leash areas (from top left to right) at Canley Vale off Railway Parade near Stuart Street, King Park in Wakeley, Wilson Park in Bonnyrigg Heights and Prout Park in Mt Pritchard.

When using the off-leash areas please ensure:

  • Your dog is under the effective control of a competent person (maximum 4 dogs allowed per person)
  • Your dog will return to you when called
  • Your dog is not a nuisance to other dogs or their owners

Dogs declared menacing, dangerous or a restricted breed, are prohibited in off-leash areas. Owners are liable under legislation if their dog attacks a person or animal

Dogs must be on a lead when outside this area

Please leave your dog droppings in the bins provided and close the gate properly when entering or leaving the off-leash enclosures.

No Smoking and No Alcohol is permitted in Council Parks.

For enquiries or to report damage please call 9725 0222.