Tenders and Quotes

TenderLink (eProcurement portal)


Register by clicking on the “Registration” link above to be able to download Council’s tender documentation. 

Fairfield City Council wishes to invite organisations to bid for the supply of goods and/or services contained within these web pages.

What is TenderLink?

The TenderLink website has been established to provide Fairfield City Council suppliers easy access to a range of tendering (RFT), quotations (RFQ) and expressions of interest (EOI) for goods and services associated with Council's procurement program. 

Benefits to Suppliers

Suppliers, through TenderLink, will be able to:

  • Register their details and establish profiles to automatically receive relevant tenders, quotations and expressions of interest as they become available;
  • View tenders online and/or receive them via email notification; 
  • Download tender documentation directly from the website; 
  • Post requests for further information or seek clarification on aspects of a tender directly to the website and receive replies back via email notification; 
  • Receive addenda and other information issued on current tenders, and 
  • Respond to tenders via the Electronic Tender Box.

All Council staff and suppliers are required to conduct their activities in accordance with Council’s Statement of Business Ethics. Copies are also available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.  

How to Submit a Tender 

a Step by Step Guide for Service Providers and Contractors 

Step One : View Advertisement for Public/Open Tenders, Quotations and Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • All public/open tenders and EOIs are advertised in Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on Tuesdays.
  • Electronic advertisement can be viewed and downloaded from Tenderlink
  • Tenderlink send an automatic notification via email when invitations to Tender, Quote or EOI have been made by Council.

Step Two:  Register to TenderLink 

Go to Tenderlink: https://www.tenderlink.com/fairfieldcity and register to become a Fairfield City Council supplier by clicking on the registration tab on the website if not previously registered

Step Three: Obtain a Copy of the Request for Tender, Quotation, Expression of Interest (EOI) document

Documents can be downloaded from https://www.tenderlink.com/fairfieldcity for free.

Familiarise yourself with the following:

  •  All sections of the Request for Tender, Quotation or EOI document
  •  Council’s Conditions of Tendering requirements
  •  Tender Selection Criteria
  •  All Specifications and Conditions of the relevant Contract.
  •  Confirm that you are able to provide the product/service in accordance with Council’s Terms and Conditions.

Step Four: Understanding the Terms and Conditions of the Tender

You will need to ensure that you understand all the Terms and Conditions of the specific Tender, Quotation or EOI.

If you are unsure about Councils proposed contract, you should contact the Council’s nominated Officer in the relevant Request or arrange for a review by your legal representative.

Please note that you must have:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN), which needs to be included in your application.
  • You are registered with GST

Step Five: Completing Your Tender, Quotation or EOI Submission

All submissions should include all completed schedules and associated annexure and attachment from the Request for Tender, Quotation or EOI document.

Applicants should:

  • Answer each of the criteria
  • Supply all related information
  • Acknowledge all addendums and notifications

Step Six: Lodging Your Tender/ Quotation /EOI Submission

In accordance with instructions in the relevant Request for Tender, Quotation or EOI, Fairfield City Council only accept soft copy or electronic submissions. Emailed or faxed submissions will not be considered.

 Important : Closing Time and Date

The closing time and date nominated in the Request for Tender, Quotation and EOI is the latest time by which Tender, Quotation or EOI applications must be lodged. Late submission may not be considered.

Save your organisation’s effort in making sure that your submission is compliant by answering the following questions:

  • Have I read the Tender/Quotation/EOI Terms and Conditions in full?
  • Have I read and understood the specifications?
  • Have I completed every schedule in the Request for Tender/Quotation/EOI document?
  • Have I attached the required supporting documentation?
  • Have I covered the selection criteria for Tender/Quotation/EOI?
  • Have I signed all relevant Tender/Quotation/EOI schedules?

Step Seven:  Tender Period and Clarification

What happens after I lodge my submission?

  • Tender Period is open to receive submissions for a minimum of 21 days (period may vary for Quotations).
  • Council may issue clarifications relating to the Tender, Quotation or EOI to all those who respond to the invitation. This will be conducted via Tenderlink Forum for full documentation of the process.
  • During the Tender Period, via Tenderlink forum you may seek further information or clarification from the nominated Council Officer.  Response to your questions and clarifications will be conducted via Tenderlink forum by the nominated officers
  • Council may hold a Pre-Tender Meeting to provide further information and to respond to questions raised. The minutes of this meeting will be distributed to those who attend the meeting, or who have registered their interest in the Tender, Quotation or EOI with Council via Tenderlink.
  • Amendments, addendums and any additional information will be communicated to all applicants via Tenderlink.

Step Eight: Tender, Quotation or EOI Opening

Council’s Tender Opening Panel will open and list in alphabetical order all submissions received by the due date and time and will be published in the Council website.

Step Nine: Evaluation of Tender, Quotation or EOI

Every submission will be reviewed by an Evaluation Panel.  All Council Request for Tender, Quotation or EOI include a section which relates to the criteria upon which responses and ultimate selections are to be scored. Applicants are advised to ensure that all information relating to the Tender/Quotation/EOI selection criteria is provided. Applicant’s responses to the selection criteria are scored and weighted. The highest total score will determine ultimate selection.

The Evaluation Panel will examine all submissions for statutory compliance, results of the reference calls, WHS and financial checks in accordance with the conditions of the request.

Post-Tender Interview (optional). The Evaluation Panel may invite you to a post-tender interview to demonstrate and seek further details of your capacity to carry out the required works/services.

Step 10: Recommendations

Where required by the Local Government Act, a Tender Report will be prepared and considered by the Council in a confidential session. All Council resolutions will be published on the Council's website. In all circumstances you will be advised in writing that your submission was received and whether your submission was successful following the Council resolution.