Place Management

Fairfield City has "Place Managers" who coordinate service enhancements to our City's different areas.

Place management is about encouraging people in a "place" to find ways of talking to each other and Council about things they care about. It's about working together on ideas for Fairfield City 's future!

Place managers work closely with their residents, businesses, service providers, state and local government and Council to strengthen the community as a whole. Together, Council can work toward implementing on-the-ground works that address real community needs.

Fairfield City Council has four Place Managers - for Cabramatta, Fairfield , Smithfield-Wetherill Park (which includes the rural suburbs of Horsley Park and Cecil Park), and the new residential neighbourhoods of Prairiewood and Bonnyrigg.


Cabramatta/Canley Heights/Canley Vale: Email or phone 9725 0222.
Fairfield/Fairfield Heights/Villawood: Email or phone 9725 0222.
Parks Ward (Prairiewood, Bonnyrigg, Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial Estate, Horsley Park and Cecil Park): Email or phone 9725 0222.