Independent Development Assessment Committee (IDAC)

A step in the building and development process

The Independent Development Assessment Committee (IDAC) provides an opportunity for applicants as well as community members to understand each other’s concerns and ideas regarding a Development Application.

It is a step in Council’s building and development process.  The committee increases the transparency and access of the development and building process, ensuring applications are assessed in an ethical and independent manner.

IDAC, sometimes referred to as “The Panel”, independently assesses development applications that generate unresolved objections.

The Panel consists of a solicitor, architect, environmental scientist and community representative.  Three of the members of the Panel are not residents of or are employed in the Fairfield area.  The fourth member, the community representative, is selected to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Panel members may ask questions.  After the panel has heard submissions by all interested parties, the meeting is closed.  The Panel will then discuss the issues raised, make a recommendation and prepare a report to the next available Council meeting for determination.

Please be advised that the panel is an independent unit and there is no guarantee it will adopt the recommendation of Council’s assessing officer.

All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and media, apart from those parts of meeting that are in closed session to consider confidential items.

As each item is referred to, the objectors are invited by the Panel to speak about their concerns.  The applicant will then be offered the opportunity to respond.

Meeting Process

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Council's Development Planning Division on 9725 0274 or 9725 0845.