Youth Advisory Committee

The Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) presents the views of Fairfield City’s youth to Fairfield City Council and the wider community, ensuring that young people are given a voice at Local Government Level.

YAC is supported by Fairfield City Council staff to present thoughts and opinions of local Youth to Fairfield City Council and advocate for the needs of young people.

To apply to become a member of the Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee, you must be aged between 14 and 24 years and live within the Fairfield Local Government Area.

A new Youth Advisory Committee is recruited each year during May and June. The full term is one year from July to June.  

Members of the Youth Advisory Committee will:

  • Receive training and develop skills in advocacy and group facilitation 
  • Meet other people who are passionate about youth issues
  • Make sure Council is aware of local youth issues
  • Participate in team building activities
  • Work with Fairfield City Council to organise youth events such as the annual Bring It On! Festival.

What is involved:

YAC members must be able to attend a monthly committee meeting held at Fairfield City Council (or another specified venue) that takes place between 5.30pm and 8pm. Committee meetings are compulsory and are held once a month on a Wednesday evening.

YAC members are also involved in team building activities and community projects. Fairfield YAC also forms the steering committee for the Fairfield City Council Youth Week program. 

Applications for the 2019-20 Youth Advisory Committee are now closed. Follow our Facebook to see YAC updates and when applications start up for next year.

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