Digital Library

Below is our collection of digital resources available free to all our library members! If you have an Open Libraries card, you can access the Library's Digital Library anytime and anywhere. 

New Digital Resources

  • Arabic Collection Online 
    Free online collection of titles for anyone interested in Arabic language works. Major contributors to this site include New York University, American University of Beirut, United Arab Emirates and Qatar National Library.

  • Cultural Atlas
    Free online resource that provides comprehensive information on the cultural backgrounds of Australia’s biggest migrant populations. Content includes explanations of common cultural attitudes, practices, norms, behaviours, social structures, etiquettes and communication styles. The public resource is funded and supported by SBS, IES and Multicultural NSW.

We also provide:

  • VOX Books
    VOX Books are the world's first audio books that live in a printed book. You do not need a computer, tablet or CD, just push a button and read along. Its a fun way to learn to read.
  • Playaway Launchpads
    Pre-loaded content for kids, teens and adults. Designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface. No download time. No need for WiFi. Access to powerful content is simple as turning on each device anytime, anywhere.
  • Fire Tablet
    Read eBooks, listen to eAudio books, watch movies or TV shows, read magazines or learn a new language. Ideal for the digital-book lovers! Borrow for up to 6 weeks. They can also be renewed twice.
  • Kobo eReader
    For eBooks and ideal for holidays and travelling. Slim, light and easy to pack.