Calling all Green Thumbs

Published Friday, 17th February 2017

The 2014 Garden of the Year.

Council is on the lookout for Fairfield’s best gardens.

Council has a program called Fabulous Fairfield that rewards residents who are proud of where they live and look after their gardens and surrounds.

Each month at Council meetings we recognise the hard work of these keen gardeners through the Fabulous Fairfield Awards.

We want to know about residents who grow beautiful gardens with flowers, vegetables and natives for their own enjoyment as well as improving the overall look and environmental quality of our City.

At the end of the year we acknowledge the pride and dedication that so many residents display in their gardens.

We have divided the Garden of the Year Awards into three categories:

  • Best Vegetable Garden
  • Best School Garden, and
  • Best Garden

If you think your garden deserves recognition, or you know someone with a great garden who does, please email Donnelle Lockyer at or call her 9725 0184. Donnelle would be delighted to visit these gardens.

You can also nominate online by taking this link:

Or click on this button

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