Photo comp judge inspires youth

Published Thursday, 7th June 2018

Photographer and Bossley Park Primary teacher, Alex Benetel, with students Penelope Ty (left) and Scarlett Aidone.
Photographer and Bossley Park Primary teacher, Alex Benetel, with students Penelope Ty (left) and Scarlett Aidone

With Council's CaptureFairfield photography competition closing 1 July, local primary teacher and photographer, Alex Benetel, is encouraging photographers to pursue their passion and enter.

A teacher at Bossley Park Primary School, Alex was a 2017 #Capture Fairfield winner, and is judging the 16 years + categories for 2018, both amateur and professional photographers.  
At the age of 15, Alex enrolled in a Visual Design course, which sparked her passion for photography. In 2014 she was named one of the best artists in Flickr, (an online image platform), and was flown to New York to exhibit her work.  
According to Alex, photography has allowed her to view the world in a more beautiful light. “My hope is that more young people can have this experience and feel the same way,” said Alex. 
Alex’s number one tip for aspiring photographers: take pictures every day, even on the days when you don’t feel inspired. 
“Experimenting leads to growth and the more you practise and take risks, the more you’ll grow as an artist,” said Alex. “Also ensure that you share your work - you’ll never know who will see it.” 
Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone is equally encouraging of Fairfield’s photographers, both professional and amateur.   
“Our City is renowned for its diversity and there are so many interesting things to see, interesting visual stories to tell,” said Mayor Carbone.  
“I look forward to seeing the entries from the students and both amateur and professional photographers who are keen to capture the essence of our City.” 
Entries close 1 July, and winners will be announced on 24 July. Winning entries will be part of a Local Government Week Exhibition from 30 July to 5 August at Council’s administration centre, libraries and within town centres. 
The photographs will be judged under three areas/groups which support the 2018 Local Government Week theme of The Power of Community: 
1. The Power of Community Conservation 2. The Power of Community Celebration 3. The Power of Community Commitment 
Entries can be shared on Instagram using the hashtag #CaptureFairfield, but to be eligible for judging, must be submitted via an online form on Council’s website