Need help reaching your learning goals? Ask 'Lynda' at the library!

Published Wednesday, 5th September 2018

People utilising computer services from Fairfield City Open Libraries. is now accessible for all Fairfield City Open Library members.

Fairfield City residents can reach their personal and professional learning goals and increase career prospects through Fairfield City libraries with the recent arrival of ‘Lynda’. is a world renowned online learning portal with almost 7,000 courses on topics from accountancy to film making, game design, and thousands more. is a subscription based online service, but is free for Fairfield City residents.

“Our libraries are at the forefront of supporting residents in their learning goals,” Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said.

“Libraries provide an important pathway for local communities through education. They are a space for people to study, learn, gather as a group and engage with other locals.

“Now we have, one of the world’s best resources for learning on a wide range of subjects. The resource has a quarter of a million tutorial videos presented by recognised industry experts.”

Mayor Carbone said Fairfield City libraries now do much more than lend books. They provide students, young and old, with everything they need from free computer and wi-fi access to business workshops and English lessons, in a comfortable environment. 

“Library membership is free and gives members access to borrow or download from thousands of books, audiobooks and magazines or attend some of the hundreds of workshops and events each year,” he said.

To see available subjects on Lynda visit