Beware of banned aquatic plants for sale

Published Thursday, 14th March 2019

Frogbit weed

Banned aquatic weeds that seriously damage our waterway ecosystem have been sighted for sale by Fairfield City Council in the past few weeks.

Council is asking for residents to report any sightings of the illegal water plants, Frogbit and Water Lettuce, either in our waterways or being sold for aquariums and household garden ponds.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said the community’s assistance is essential to ensure our creeks and waterways remain clear of these weeds, considered a major biosecurity threat in NSW.

“We want residents and families to be able to get outdoors and enjoy our natural waterways,” Mayor Carbone said.

“To enjoy our creeks, we need to keep them free of the foreign invaders that destroy the creeks’ ecosystem. If you see these weeds in our creeks, please let Council know immediately.

“Council will work closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to ensure a rapid response to any sightings.

Frogbit has been banned from sale since 2014, but is still found in homes in fish ponds, aquariums and water features. Heavy fines can apply for the sale of these plants.

Images of the weeds and more information can be found at

Residents can report sighting of the weed to NSW Invasive Plants and Animals Enquiry Line 1800 680 244 or Fairfield City Council on 9725 0222.